Goods that can risk your Operation


Goods that can risk your Operation

The aim of every logistic company is to serve their customers at the best of their capabilities. But when stocking or supplying risky goods beside taking the customers into account, the company also required to fulfill international terms & conditions and that isn’t the easy task. As to ensuring the safety of everyone involved these terms & conditions must be processedCounties and international allegiances, formulated rules for the supply and storage of dangerous goods. But over the years, these rules have been changed especially due to the recent Beirut disaster that occurred due to the stocked dangerous good.  

 Are New Set of rules In Progress? 

The news speculating that the supply and storage of dangerous good can be changed soon. Due to recent disaster in Beirut, the companies that stock hazardous materials will be monitored closely. Moreover, international entities for ensuring the dangerous goods transportation i.e., Agreement of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and Seveso Directives might be revised. Anyhow, the logistics companies should act accordingly. For that reason, it is important that the company’s procedure should be without any imperfections. 

 3PL Dynamics and How it will benefit Logistics Companies? 

3PL Dynamics is All-in-One solution developed for Logistics companies that include Warehouse Management System (WMS)Transportation Management System (TMS), and Custom/Air/Ocean Freight.  

Despite the rules change or not, the need for controlling dangerous goods storage is of top priority. 3PL Dynamics solution gives logistic company a control to administer these good. The solution provides registration and setting up dangerous goods, also restrictions in per customer items on them. Moreover, Logistic company can send automatically a list containing stored goods to the authorities. This will also assist authorities as they won’t have to ask for documentation again and the company can deliver the goods on time. 

Looking to Register dangerous good  

Are you looking for registration of your dangerous good? Or like to learn more about handling risky items in your WMS? Then write to us at Contact Page.   

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