How Cloud-Based IT Solutions can help Dental Practices

Cloud Based IT Solutions for Dental Practice
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Technology has changed the dental practices on how they are managed and marketed. Almost every dental care is using cloud-based solutions to improve their practice and communications while maintaining patients’ privacy. 

These days, the Cloud-based Dental IT solutions are offering dental practices with many advantages while allowing the stuff to focus on patient care rather than worrying about IT issues.  

While those practices still using the traditional desktop / on-premise Dental Software in United States  and Dental Software in Saudi Arabia, are spending a lot in the maintenance back-ups and updating  



6 Main Advantages of using Cloud Computing for Dental Practices 

Dental Care using Cloud technology has revolutionizing their business processes. Their operations became more efficient and collaboration got stronger. Also, this bring ease to dentists practicing  remotely.

Implementing Cloud based IT Solutions for Dental Practices in United States and  Dental Practices in Saudi Arabia, Evincible Solutions’ Dental clients noticed following considerable change in their practices. 



1- PERFORMANCE The IT operations of Dental Care got more responsive due to the network and computing capacity provided by Cloud based Dental SolutionDue to this the, Dentists in United States & Dentists in Saudi Arabia can more quickly complete their tasks.

Dr. Roger Levin in his recent American Dental Association post writes, “New technologies continue driving dentistry to higher levels of performance”



2- RELIABILITY The Storage Redundancy and Virtual Machine Replication given Dental care more comfort that no data will be lost in the event of an outage. If patient’s data is stored on the cloud then dentist would need to just login from any computer to access it.  

Example : Purchasing and downloading music is better than having it in a physical CD. The data can’t be lost if its on cloud.

Storing Data on the cloud ensures protection from losing.


3- SCALABILITY As practice grows, the technology solution need to grow with it. The Cloud-Based Dental IT Solution can automatically increase the computing power as needed to onboard new dental practices to grow business allowing to store more data and applications as well as more users. On the other hand, considering on-premises this can end up being stuck in too much computing capability and wasting money buying new equipment then waiting for the shipment, managing space, configuring it and bearing the utility cost along with managing the maintenance cost of it.


4- SECURITY – The Cloud-Based Dental Software is hosted on safe and secure remote Microsoft managed servers – Microsoft Azure. It provides the physical data center security, which provides all the necessary certifications required for compliant health care services. A secure design that is monitored through the Azure Security Center ensures that the solution remains secure. This allows the ability to access data from anywhere, on any computer or tablet while keeping it safe. 


5- OPERATIONS –  The Cloud-Based Dental Solution also transform office operations by allowing teams to simplify accounting and streamline patient scheduling. Using Cloud-Based Dental Solutions, the dentist can work more easily offsite. It enable them to get their data anytime, anywhere, using any device.

The Cloud-Based Dental IT solution automated the tasks that have been created for managing MySQL backups and starting & stopping virtual machines on a schedule. The tasks ensure that resources are being utilized efficiently and cost is controlled.



6- LOWER COSTS – The Cloud-Based Dental Solution offers budget relief to Dental Services in United States and Dental Services in Saudi Arabia. The Dental Services are getting more value for their money with a cloud solution because they are not paying for features they don’t need.  Their IT costs are predictable and their budget forecasts more accurate.

Also, the removable of the need to maintain a data center, reduced the maintenance costs providing a low cost test/dev environment for new applications. 


Switching to Cloud-Based IT Solution FOR YOUR dental Practices? We can help the transformation

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