Barakat Web Order Management – Tajir

Barakat Jewellery

Client: Barakat Jewellery
Skills: MS Dynamics GP, .Net,Database Management

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We have developed on online Sales Management System for our client Barakat Jewellery. This portal is integrated with MS Dynamics GP and enables the sales team to process orders online ensuring accuracy of the orders and avoiding time lags. All the orders are sent to Microsoft Dynamics GP in real-time – saving the hassle of transferring information and maintaining data sanctity. Sales team can create Quotations, Orders, Invoice and Returns. They can keep tabs on the prices with respect to price levels and available quantities for the items and most importantly can view Sales History for a customer.

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The process of e-invoicing in the Kingdom is called Fatoorah means that taxable persons will not be able to generate or store paper or PDF invoices. They will be required to comply with the e-invoicing system. Digital transformation in invoicing is conducted by ZATCA in 2 phases of implementation. All the requirements, rules, and technicalities of e-invoicing are open to the public.