Evincible Web Order (Tajir) acts as an online interface of Microsoft Dynamics GP which targets many modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP such as Sales, Purchase & Inventory. In the Web Order, all these modules have created, editing & reporting capabilities. All the records created or updated on Web Order are sent to Microsoft Dynamics GP in real-time – saving you the hassle of transferring information and maintaining data sanctity. A few highlights of this solution are:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Real-time customer creation
  • Real-time item creation
  • Account setup for SOP and POP modules.
  • Defining new item’s sequence with respect to vendor
  • Sales Invoice generation
  • Generating purchase orders
  • Making inventory transfer documents
  • Making inventory adjustments.
  • Creating sales returns from sales invoices
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With the WOMS login system, you can secure your dashboard and modules view key requests from employees for your company. 1 26
With the WOMS you can select a company and then login into the system, you can secure your dashboard and modules view key requests from employees. 1 27
With WOMS dashboard you can graphically view stats and charts of users, peoples, and customers who are engaged with systems. 1 28
With Point of sale in WOMS, you can place order and checkout complete that order. 1 29
With Customer List, you can view all the details of your customer and inquire them. 1 30
Using WOMS, all the reports you can print Invoices, Cash Receipts, Delivery Notes, lists and search results. imgpsh fullsize anim 1


Evincible Web Portal is seamlessly integrated with MS Dynamics. This solution and MS Dynamics communicate in real-time with a two way syncing procedure. As business management practices accelerate into real-time decision making based on complete views of customers and other parties, this real-time data integration becomes even more useful.

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Prepare yourself for ZATCA e-invoicing phase 2

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Evincible Solutions ensures hassle-free integration of ZATCA e-invoicing phase 2



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