Human Capital Management

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EHCM is a cloud-based Human Capital Management System. The primary focus of HCM is to attract, hire and retain individual employees, thereby building an optimal workforce for an organization’s needs. HCM has evolved from a small HR & payroll solution into a world-class product which is mainly known for its flexibility and integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. HCM provides human resource managers with the means to clearly communicate and define performance expectations and goals, and support continuous improvement for each employee.


With the EHCM Expert login system, you can secure your dashboard and modules view key requests from employees for your company. 1 16
With EHCM Expert dashboard you can graphically view key HR indicators and requests from employees for your company. 1 17
From Employee Information module you can view/manage all master information of an employee such as his/her contact details, ID numbers, Hiring date, Employment type, Company, Sponsor, Labor File details, Immediate Manager, Dependents, Insurance,Contract Details and a lot of other info! 1 18
EHCM offers a complete recruitment module which will help your organization to manage the entire recruitment process. From generating requests for new resources to hiring the right ones, this is a complete recruitment solution! 1 19
EHCM Offers 22 predefined requests and all of these requests can have different approval workflows. This feature allows the employees to login and sublog inheir requests and keep a track of all their recent and archived requests. 1 20
EHCM Attendance module is designed for supervisors and managers to be able monitor attendance during work hours, and for employees to be able to view their own attendance record. 1 21
The Loans Module enables you to manage acquired both from the company and banks. For Bank Loans, Loans module offers functions for mapping the complete loan process for loans are given and loans taken. 1 22
Payroll Management module of EHCM deals with the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period. Analytics and reporting makes it easy maker ill into payroll details and run audits. 1 23
Leave Management helps to maintain coverage and ensure productivity while honoring employee leave requests. Department Supervisors can easily compare same day requests, analyze departmental schedules and coverage, and assess pending and scheduled leave for the employee. 1 24
EHCM provides solutions for the processes that need to be followed when an employee decides to leave or is terminated. You can define an exit checklist as per your policies and assign it to the relevant departments and users. eos ehcm 1024x564 1


HCM is a system designed to support the GCC based organizations in optimizing their human capital in order to achieve their objectives. Human Capital Management helps to manage employee’s payroll and human resource activities which results in increased productivity across your workforce and provides business intelligence reports. Our application addresses the full spectrum of enterprise human capital needs in one, easy-to-use system.

HCM is a Core HR for GCC countries that include Employee Self-Service. HCM Payroll include local regulations that applies all local tax sharing rules such as GOSI in KSA and HR Analytics with graphical & tabular presentation along with filters.

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