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February 25, 2023

10:42 am

E-invoicing is a method of authentication where companies create electronic invoices. The tax invoices are uploaded in a standard, machine-readable format to the ZATCA system and are only delivered to the buyers after being electronically validated. These electronic invoices have all the same details as paper invoices, such as the date, the customer’s name, the goods or services supplied, the invoice amount, and the VAT breakdown, but they are maintained electronically and contain certain more important fields. E-invoicing is required for all resident taxpayers in Saudi Arabia who generate tax invoices, as well as for third parties that do so on their behalf.

It is less likely that invoices will be manipulated if they are authenticated before the transactions take place. E-invoicing lets the tax authorities follow B2B, B2G, and B2C transactions in real-time and decreases the number of audits they do by generating a common database for them.

Success and growth of small businesses in Saudi Arabia relies on making crucial decisions at the appropriate moment and carrying them out without incident. One of the most important choices in this new digital era is to integrate and improve the company process.

As part of the digitalization, the Saudi Arabian tax authority, made the crucial decision to introduce an electronic invoicing system for all companies starting on December 4, 2021.

You Must Pick The Best “Zatca Authorized E-Invoicing Software” In Order To Fully Advantage From E-Invoicing For The Growth Of Your Business.


A Fast & Reliable ZATCA e-Invoicing solution that is compatible with your ERP system is offered by Evincible Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, to your company. The KSA e-invoicing mandate has come into effect in January 2023 with its integration phase [Phase 2]. We are happy to assist your organization in meeting the requirements of the ZATCA’s second phase.

4 key features of zatca approved e-invoicing software in Saudi Arabia.

The e-invoicing system will be introduced by Saudi Arabia in two stages. On December 4, 2021, the first phase will start. E-invoices, credit, and debit notes must be generated and saved in both XML and a PDF file that can be read by humans in the first phase of implementation. Additionally, during this period, taxpayers must have access to compliant e-invoicing service that meets all ZATCA standards and specifications. For each e-invoice to be verified in accordance with the standards established in the next step of the mandate, there are a set of mandatory parameters that must be present.

On or before this date, all taxpayers must be able to create, update, and store e-invoices in the designated electronic forms. Beginning January 1, 2023, the second phase of implementation has begun. This requirement necessitates the submission of all e-invoices to the ZATCA system for verification and clearance. In accordance with governmental regulations, ZATCA will in turn accept and formally bind the invoice. Additionally, the authority will decide the criteria for the stages of execution, which will be carried out for specific target groups. These target organizations will be made aware of the deadline for e-invoicing compliance at least six months in advance.

1.   Quick One-Time Setup

All the tools and automation required to post invoices directly to the ZATCA e-invoicing portal are available to you by simply enabling the e-invoicing option in Evincible Solutions. Additionally, you can customize your invoice templates to add QR codes and e-signature fields.

2.   Preventing Illegal Access

We strictly adhere to the ZATCA regulations by prohibiting anonymous access to transactions and records. Users cannot access the software using a factory or default password; instead, they must generate strong passwords for their accounts and can utilize multi-factor authentication to secure them. All other users’ access permissions can be assigned by the admin user so that they can only access the modules and features that are relevant to their roles. Additionally, the system records user sessions in logs that may be accessed instantly if necessary.

3.   Create And Manage Electronic Invoices & Related Notes


ü Smart Detection:

You may develop and print error-free electronic invoices with all the necessary fields with Evincible Solutions. During the preparation of the invoice, the transactions are preemptively evaluated to find violations, improper data entry, and missing mandatory fields.

ü  Bulk E-Invoices:

Invoices and the notes that go with them can be uploaded in bulk to the ZATCA site for authentication. Within seconds, your transactions will have been validated and e-invoices prepared.

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ü  Adjustments To E-Invoices:

Made a mistake in an electronic invoice? You can create credit or debit notes with the proper values using Evincible Solutions to correct the problem.

ü  Transaction Record:

Businesses must keep records of every transaction they make for a minimum of five years. Users may export transactions, which we archive for the whole retention term.

4.   Secure Your Financial Transactions & Records

The ZATCA regulations state that it is prohibited to change invoices and the notes that go with them, as well as to tamper with the timestamps or log entries. By preventing users from changing or deleting transactions or fiddling with their timestamps, Evincible solutions help prevent such compliance errors. The software’s activity logs, which also cannot be edited, display each transaction’s sequential, stage-by-stage development.

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