Transform Your Business Through Van Sales (Spot Sales)

February 15, 2023

8:22 am

A van sales app has many great benefits that it can offer to your company.

If you’re in the wholesale and distribution sector, you most likely have van sales reps on the road visiting customers with physical catalogues while taking orders using pen and paper and then communicating orders back to the base via phone or email. Van sales have always been challenging. Reps are constantly on the road managing work from their vans. It’s a very difficult task and reps must be very efficient and focused on managing their own time while keeping motivated to achieve sales targets.

But the biggest problems that van sales reps have faced can now be assigned to the past. As advancements in technology have come into play, van sales reps have started becoming way more productive and efficient on the day-to-day. Wholesalers, distributors, and anyone selling in a B2B capacity should be making the most of technology in order to increase productivity and output.

For this reason, we’ve listed 5 great benefits that the van sales app (Spot Sales) has brought to the industry:

  • Real-time ERP Integration
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increase in sales-focused plan results in improved sales
  • Vast Savings on Reprinted Catalogues
  • Reduced Admin Costs & Errors

Let’s delve into the details of the benefits of a van sales app below.

Top 5 Van Sales App Benefits

1. Real-Time ERP Integration

Real-time ERP integration ensures that your mobile app is integrated with your ERP’s digital catalogue. This ensures that your rep can access real-time product information, customer specific-pricing, stock availability, order history, statements and much more. Not all van sales apps on the market integrate in real-time with your ERP software, some are purely standalone disparate solutions. But integration is something you should consider when choosing a solution in order to future-proof your business.

2. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Sometimes for employees to be more productive, they need the right tool that allows them to do so. A van sales app can make it possible with a few simple taps. It allows the rep to submit new sales orders directly into your ERP in a matter of seconds. They can also view customer account information, credit limit, credit balance, order history and more face-to-face. Van sales reps can complete orders faster and improve the customer experience which is often overlooked as reps need to meet daily sales targets and may be under time pressure.

3. Always Up-To-Date Digital Catalogue

A van sales mobile app has an integrated digital catalogue that your van sales reps can use at any time and from anywhere, while always being sure that the catalogue is up to date. The catalogue can be updated in real-time and in a matter of minutes, or even seconds from admins in the office and your reps can start using the latest product catalogue with the new updates immediately.

4. Vast Savings on Reprinted Catalogues

Printing catalogues and the associated printing costs are heavy. In many cases, you need to distribute product catalogues to your customers which includes a shipping cost too. A mobile van sales application with your catalogue integrated can help you remove those costs once and for all. You’ll no longer need physical catalogues for your van sales reps. They’ll be able to showcase your digital catalogue’s products in a professional and efficient manner on a tablet or mobile.

5. Reduce Admin Costs & Errors

In many cases, van sales reps have to manually take orders from customers and call them back into the office. This overall process isn’t very efficient and takes time away from the rep and the admin to complete the order. Not to mention that it involves risk when relaying an order because either the rep or the admin can make a mistake or input data incorrectly. Having your own sales rep app ensures that the rep no longer needs to relay orders via phone or email as they will be able to place orders directly into your ERP system using the app, minimizing the chance of error


For anyone in the business of wholesale/distribution who do van sales looking to streamline their sales process, reduce business costs, minimize order errors, improve productivity, and increase sales and revenue… a mobile van sales app (Spot Sales) is the solution for you. It can help your business sell smarter and faster while adding a new level of professionalism that will definitely delight customers. If you’re in search of a mobile van sales app for your business and want to get started as soon as possible, you should check out the SPOT SALES app which has been designed with the van selling process in mind so your reps can be more efficient. You can book a demo to see how our ERP-integrated van sales app can help your company to start selling smarter today. If you have any questions, contact Evincible Solutions, our team will be happy to answer any questions.

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