Today, we’re pleased to share several updates to Azure Cognitive Services that continue to make Azure the best place to build AI. We’re introducing a preview of the new Anomaly Detector Service which uses AI to identify problems so companies can minimize loss and customer impact. We are also announcing the general availability of Custom Vision to more accurately identify objects in images.

…New updates to Azure AI expand AI capabilities for developers.

From using speech recognition, translation, and text-to-speech to image and object detection, Azure Cognitive Services makes it easy for developers to add intelligent capabilities to their applications in any scenario. To this date more than a million developers have already discovered and tried Cognitive Services to accelerate breakthrough experiences in their application.

Anomaly Detector is a new Cognitive Service that lets you detect unusual patterns or rare events in your data that could translate to identifying problems like credit card fraud.

Today, over 200 teams across Azure and other core Microsoft products rely on Anomaly Detector to boost the reliability of their systems by detecting irregularities in real-time and accelerating troubleshooting. Through a single API, developers can easily embed anomaly detection capabilities into their applications to ensure high data accuracy, and automatically surface incidents as soon as they happen.

Common use case scenarios include identifying business incidents and text errors, monitoring IoT device traffic, detecting fraud, responding to changing markets, and more. For instance, content providers can use Anomaly Detector to automatically scan video performance data specific to a customer’s KPIs, helping to identify problems in an instant. Alternatively, video streaming platforms can apply Anomaly Detector across millions of video data sets to track metrics. A missed second in video performance can translate to significant revenue loss for content providers that monetize on their platform.